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Getting Started on Drums Featuring Tommy Igoe DVD - Setting Up / Start Playing
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Ultimate Drum Lessons: Gospel R&B
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Classic Rock Drum Solos DVD
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Live In New York City-The Abercrombie, Erskine, Mintzer, Patitucci Band--A Concert-Clinic DVD
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Modern Drummer Festival 2008 Combo DVD
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Tito Puente: King of Latin Music (DVD & Book Combo)
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The Ultimate Drummers Weekend 10th Anniversary
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Mike Portnoy In Constant Motion DVD
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Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials 2.0 DVD
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The Art of Playing with Brushes DVD/Play Along CD
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Steve Gadd Master Series DVD
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Super Classic Drum Pack 3-DVD Set - Classic Drum Solos & Battles 1 & 2 Plus Classic Rock Solo's
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